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LIQUID is an Egypt-based Creative Integrated Advertising Agency focused on creating innovative and complex sequences for TV and Advertising markets through style and intelligence to tell your story.


It begins with a belief—every successful brand has a purpose. Find it. Know it. Live it. Find it by interrogating the past. Know it by understanding the present. Live it by anticipating the future. When a brand’s roots are strong, when they touch bedrock, there is no reason to fear the winds of change.





A comprehensively equipped in-house studio, staffed by talented producers, photographers, videographers and visual effects artists, all to help make your content look and sound its vest. We also have deep relationships and partner with a variety of directors and film crews.


Connecting your brand through website design, SEO, SEM, advanced analytics, social strategies, or even an interactive web banner or video.
We create great visual designs on websites that identify and work perfectly for its target market. We get you web designs that will build your business, engage your customers, and that provide you the ability to stay ahead of your competition.


Creating outdoors billboards and different types of signs are very important tools for businesses. Outdoor advertisement catches viewers when they are away from their homes during the course of their daily activities. If your customer is passing by your billboard, they will see it regardless of the time of day. Also outdoor advertising allows the advertiser to choose the market area that is most likely to bring them the best advertising results. With constant exposure, flexibility, low cost per thousand and impact.


From events coverage ,planning, media relations to execution. Our Event planning services can be tailored to fit any situation. We handle every single detail from designing the invitations to the atmosphere of the event itself and everything in between. We can help you drive bottom-line results from your critical business assignments, including: Gala Dinners – Company Launches – Market Entry or Repositioning – Product Launches – Ushers and distributors.


Yes, get people’s attention. Yes, make them think, feel, emote. And then move them to do something. To act, to change, to go from here to there. Open the door to your brand and welcome the world in. Give them cause to wonder, and give them a reason to come back. That’s the circle of brand life. Done well, it’s a circle without end.


Meet Our Team

  • Mustafa Abdelraouf Mohamed Producer
  • Life Imitates Art

    Amr A. Aly Visual Effects Supervisor
  • I have been always interested in art in general and started shooting using film "manual" cameras and loved how by playing with your camera dials you can drastically change what the resulting image would look like, after a long break i switched to digital and began the journey.
    I'm a light and shadow addict.
    For me photography is my life, my passion and my calling.
    Khaled Hamdy Director of Photography
  • Mohamed Adel Photographer/Editor

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